Mitt Romney, unsurprisingly, has come out against gay marriage:

Mitt Romney says he believes marriage should be restricted to one man and one woman and that he's held that view "since running for office."

Romney on Wednesday called same sex-marriage "a very tender and sensitive topic" as he contrasted his position with President Barack Obama's unequivocal declaration of support Wednesday for allowing same-sex couples to marry.

This does seem to be true. While Romney often claimed to be in favor of gay rights while running for Senate in 1994 and for governor of Massachusetts in 2002, he has never supported gay marriage. So, um, yay for him, I guess, for having one issue he hasn't waffled on. Here he is this morning, talking about how he's in favor of extending many of the rights granted to married couples—"hospital visitation rights and the like"—to same sex couples, but admitting that he is not a supporter of "civil unions, if they're identical to marriage other than by name."