First there was the lady who was thankful for not getting run over:

On Monday, I was riding my bike on Grand St. when my tire got stuck in the streetcar track and I crashed and banged my head on the ground. You were behind me in your car, but did not run me over.

Then there was the husband who was thankful that his wife didn't get run over:

To the hero who saw my wife falling off her bike in traffic after her tire stuck in the trolley tracks on Grand: thank you for paying attention.

Then there was the brother who was thankful that his sister didn't get run over:

Thank you for not driving over her after she fell off her bike on Grand Street! She had a concussion, but is going to be all right.

And then there was the... WE GET IT ALREADY!!! YOU'RE ALL THANKFUL!! What's next? A post from a goddamn thankful pet Pekinese?? SHEESH. Anyway if you have a confession or a shout-out you'd like to shout-out—that doesn't have to do with this lady not being run over—drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog: Which I'm so thankful hasn't been run over yet.