What a "potent weapon" you have, Rick Santorum gushes to the dashing Willard Romney, urging the Republican presidential candidate to "take advantage of" President Barack Obama over same-sex marriage. But Romney apparently would rather drone on about his wealthy-favoring economic policies and leave the other bits to the religious right's well-lubed oiled hate machine.

Turns out, JPMorgan Chase
was lobbying Congress for permission to do even more of the dangerously risky trading that just caused the banking-finance conglomerate to lose $2 billion.

Fuck this. A Florida woman who fired a warning shot to scare off her abusive husband was just sentenced to 20 years in prison. Blame an overzealous prosecutor, but also blame mandatory sentencing laws that strip discretion—and justice—from the judicial process.

The marginalized Facebook co-founder played by a handsome actor in The Social Network has renounced his American citizenship—perhaps a ploy to avoid paying taxes on dwindling stake in the company before it goes public this month.

China might be training comely young lasses to get cozy with the Dalai Lama and then poison him "while seeking his blessings." Or maybe not.

Afghan troops have been handed increasingly greater responsibilities by the NATO forces occupying their country—and those troops have increasingly been telling NATO commanders to stuff it when NATO commanders ask them to mount raids that might kill civilians.

Portland police investigators
now say the man shot and wounded by Washington County tactical officers in New Columbia two months ago may have actually fired at the cops, too.

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about Steve Novick and, among many other things, how much Randy Leonard likes him.

Chicago cops were caught on video intimidating Occupiers during a traffic stop and promising to come looking for "each and every" protester who might be planning to descend on Chicago for this month's NATO summit. Historically, dem Grabowskis over at CPD love nothing more than good ol' fashioned "police riot."