Hope is not lost for post offices in Oregon's rural communities! Twenty-one towns that previously faced office closures—Helix, Rufus, and Deadwood, to name a few—have been spared from the national U.S. Postal Service chopping block. On Monday, USPS announced that it would be saving 3,700 post offices across the country from closure.

But, this doesn't mean everything will go back to normal. The postal service still faces a a $5.5 billion budget gap. While these offices will remain open, their hours will be significantly cut—still a unnerving sign to USPS employees and stamp-purchasers alike.

"Any proposals to close these facilities have been placed on hold and will not close at this time," said a statement from Richard Watkins, USPS spokesman. "Going forward, the Postal Service will evaluate how best to incorporate them into long-term plans for effective and efficient retail service."

Time will tell what he means by that. Fingers crossed for snail mail.