I don't always follow the Mercury's endorsements—this year, in at least one big race, I split from our guide (writing in "Robb Stark, King in the North" for mayor actually makes a lot of sense if you just think about it for a minute). That said, I generally find our picks to be pretty dead-on—our news team knows what they're doing. Because I rarely know what I'm doing, I usually wait to vote until pretty much the last minute (ballots are due tomorrow!), which means I just hastily filled out my ballot at my desk, and the whole time I was filling in SAT bubbles for various unchallenged judges I was thinking about whether I should have Koi Fusion for lunch instead of the crappy pasta I made last night. (IN THIS RACE, KOI FUSION IS THE CLEAR WINNER!)

Anyway, because I just consulted them and it took me a minute to find 'em, here are the Mercury endorsements, including some that didn't make it into our print edition. A simplified version is below. And here's a list of ballot drop-off sites. I will never tire of the fact that you can vote at McDonald's, because yay for America.