So it has come to this:

News of Obama’s usage of the dirty “s” word [NOTE: She means "shit," but she cannot type the word "shit," perhaps because she is Mormon, or an elementary-school student.] came when Huffington Post editor Ethan Klapper tweeted “Obama hot mic just now — ‘I gotta get my sh……’” right after the president allegedly used the full-length version of the obscenity....Fox Nation has muffled audio of the utterance, although I’ve listened to it about ten times and still cannot make out any bad language. And Mary Ann LoFrumento says he never swore to begin with, having tweeted in the aftermath of Klapper’s tweet, “I was sitting close to the President on the platform and he said ‘I gotta get my gift’ referring to his medal of distinction.”

This is the most important issue of our time! Here's the video: