Yer old pal Steve Humphrey here either reminding you or asking you for the first time that you have ONE MORE DAY (until Thursday noon) to sponsor either me or the fabulous Mercuroke Team in tomorrow night's Ethos-a-roke competition!

As you may know, Ethos is an AWESOME Portland non-profit that provides music education to kids in low-income, high-need areas—but they can't keep doing it without our help! That's why we're doing this karaoke fundraiser going down tomorrow night at Voice Box, in which I and Team Mercuroke will sing our guts out to help raise money for these kids.

CAN YOU HELP? We're very close to reaching our goal, and anywhere from $5-$50 would go a long way AND provide some great music education for kids.

Check out my profile here! An check out Team Mercuroke's Profile here!
Then just hit the donate button, where you can easily and quickly donate from Paypal. (That way all the money goes to Ethos and not my "Escape under the cover of darkness to Brazil" fund.)

Promise, this is the last you'll hear from me about it! We and Ethos appreciate your generosity! YOU'RE COOL!

This picture is horrifying.
  • This picture is horrifying.