Rose Citys White Flight sticks inside the track.

Purple power! Portland's Rose City Rollers rolled over the Denver Roller Dolls this weekend in a resounding win over Colorado's closely ranked roller derby squad. I think derby fans were expecting more of a squeaker on the scoreboard after PDX's all-star Wheels of Justice barely beat Chicago's Windy City last month in an astounding last-minute tooth-and-talon jam from Rose City's Scald Eagle. Plus Denver was feeling pretty fabulous after a 235-97 thrubbing of Bay Area in April. And they beat Rose City the last two games they've played. But get this! Final: Rose City Rollers' Wheels of Justice 151, Denver Roller Dolls' Mile High Club 115. No questions there—Wheels be winners. Couple that with Friday's hometown victory against Denver's B travel team and everything came out smelling like roses. Final: Portland's Axles of Annihilation 158, Denver's Bruising Altitude 130. Rose City's jammers were streaking 'round the flat track during both games, with SoulFearic Acid making a familiar appearance in the lead-scorer stat box (66 points) and B-team lead scorer Honey Hellfire with an amazing 101 points. Throw in some tough, tough blocking from PDX, and it was enough to send Denver back home disappointed.

Portland highlights
: Texine doing the worm on the track. An eight-year-old girl winning retired skater Rhea DeRange's jersey. The Wheels of Justice's intro was totally epic, like 2001: A Skate Odyssey. The strong man during halftime balanced a humongous kayak on his face... no big deal. Pugacorn! Frenchie, Penny Dreadful, Mel Mangles, Mercy, Scylla Devourer... Rose City has got a buttload of fierce and effective blockers. Denver highlights: Denver fans are loud! Bruising Altitude's coaches looked like adorable Oompa Loompas. And Gator Dunn's got some flair.

More of Masonite Burn (AKA Sharkey)'s photography after the jump.

Rose Citys Scald Eagle jumping through the scrum.

Betcha cant get by this uni-butt, says the Blast Unicorn.

Scald Eagle: fierce.

Denvers Bruising Altitude takes its name VERY literally.

But you know who else takes her name very literally? Rose Citys Mel Mangles.