Johnny Utah: Bodhi! This is your wake up call! I... AM... AN... EFF... BEE... EYE... AGENT!
Bodhi: I know! Isn't it wild!

HOT DAMN! Hecklevision: Point Break—when we screen the 1991 surfing/bankrobbing/skydiving classic, during which your texts will pop up on screen—is this Friday. I'm gonna give out a few pairs of tickets throughout the week—a pair today, and then, I don't know, a few more pairs later in the week. Whenever I feel like it. It'll be a surprise!

Here's how to win today's: Email me before 3 pm today (Monday, May 21) and make sure the subject line of your email is "Wake-up call." I'll pick a winner at 3 and email them back to let them know they've won. PLOT TWIST! Please note that subject line of your email will refer not to the wake-up call Johnny Utah thinks he's placing to Bodhi... but rather to the infinitely more meaningful wake-up call Bodhi has already placed to Johnny Utah:

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Point Break is profound and amazing and has surfing and skydiving and Gary Busey in it. Hecklevision is going to make it even better. Fri May 25, 7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy). Tickets available here.

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