Public Policy Polling says that gay marriage seems to be polling very well in Maryland:

-57% of Maryland voters say they’re likely to vote for the new marriage law this fall, compared to only 37% who are opposed. That 20 point margin of passage represents a 12 point shift from an identical PPP survey in early March, which found it ahead by a closer 52/44 margin.

-The movement over the last two months can be explained almost entirely by a major shift in opinion about same-sex marriage among black voters. Previously 56% said they would vote against the new law with only 39% planning to uphold it. Those numbers have now almost completely flipped, with 55% of African Americans planning to vote for the law and only 36% now opposed.

One of the "strongest" arguments gay marriage foes have right now is that voters have never approved gay marriage. Let's see what kind of arguments they can muster if one (or, hopefully, two or more) states approve it this November.