• Mike Harper

The remix of Radiation City's sterling single "Find It of Use" premiered over on Prefix yesterday. This infectious remix was done by Portland artist Palmas, AKA Joshua Fulfs, and he's concocted a tropically tinged, slightly Balearic dance track out of Radiation City's stately, dramatic tune. (If you haven't heard the original version of "Find It of Use," you can hear it here, and if you haven't heard the incredible EP that it's taken from, Cool Nightmare, well, get on that shit, dammit. It's fantastic.) Here's the equally-as-good Palmas rework.

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Radiation City - "Find It of Use" [Palmas remix]

You can catch Radiation City on Thursday, May 31 at Mississippi Studios, opening for Deer or the Doe at their record release show. Meanwhile, listen to Palmas' fine, fun, bouncing Dead Beat Demos EP over on Bandcamp; it's perfect for these moments of unreliable sun that seem to come and go. Fulfs is also part of the team that makes Shwood sunglasses—those handsome shades with the wooden frames that have become ubiquitous around town. In addition to sunglasses, Shwood runs a gorgeous art/video blog (look at it) and compiles free mixtapes of local bands; we posted one of those mixtapes here, and you can grab the newest one here. Shwood also interviewed Radiation City in a video that you can see here.

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