Portland Men's Roller Derby has gone through some big changes since their last home game over Thanksgiving weekend—now they have hair on their chests, deep voices, and a membership on the official men's roller derby league, Men's Roller Derby Association. After two mega wins and two mega losses at the Spring Roll Tournament in Indiana two weeks ago, the Portland men are launching their debut home season this Saturday. It'll be the Holy Roll'n Empire bumping skates against the Bone Daddies. Portland's third home team, the Honey Badgers—who contrary to popular thought, do give a fuck—get their chance on the track in July. Expect sweaty fellas, hard hits, shiny heinies, and fast, high-flying skating.

first home team game
Indoor Goals Sport Arena, 16340 NW Bethany Court, Beavertron
Saturday, May 26, 7 pm, $10, tix