Okay, now these iPhone "Siri" ads featuring celebrities are really starting to irritate my tuckus! First there was this extremely annoying commercial featuring Zooey Deschanel. Then there was this Samuel L. Jackson one where he doesn't even say "motherfucker" once! And here's the newest: an extremely lethargic John Malkovich asking one word questions to Siri and being OH, SO AMUSED by the result.

Normally, I have shit luck when trying to get Siri to answer ANYTHING for me. So I decided to try the very same questions and intonation employed by John Malkovich. Here's exactly what happened.

Me: Weather?
Siri: I found 7 places matching 'Webster'... 6 of them are fairly close to you.

Me: Evening?
Siri: You don't have anything on your calendar for this evening.

Me: Linguica?
Siri: I don't know what you mean by 'Linguica.'

Me: Joke?
Siri: Which Joe? Joe Davis or Joe Anderson?

Me: Do you like celebrities more than me?
Siri: I'd rather not say.

Yeah. RIGHT.