Another week, another Mercury music section to wrap your fish in! Seriously! Who reads this rag! Who has time, when there is so much fish out there that needs to be wrapped up in newspaper! (I don't know where this whole wrapping-fish-up-in-a-newspaper thing started, but gross.)

Speaking of fishy-dirty, Cafeteria Dance Fever make queasy, jumpy, spastic punk-garage-pop-whatever. Boo hoo, they're breaking up—but somebody forgot to tell their lead singer.

Cafeteria Dance Fever - "Add Hominid Attack (To Your List Of Fears)"

Spiritualized's Jason Pierce escaped death twice and delivered Sweet Heart Sweet Light, a record so good and well-constructed that listening to it out of sequence ruins the whole thing. Having said that, listen to one out-of-context song!

Spiritualized - "Hey Jane"

If you want Here We Go Magic to pick you up hitchhiking, here's a tip: Disguise yourself as film director John Waters. They'll totally stop for you.

Here We Go Magic - "How Do I Know"

Not every zine gets a Belle and Sebastian song named after it. But not every zine is the lovely, remarkable chickfactor, which comes to Portland to celebrate 20 years of existence with a super-fun show.

The Softies - Charms Around Your Wrist

Plus more Up & Coming shows than you can wrap your fish-soggy newspaper around.