"If I embarrassed the state, I apologize." Arizona's top elections official says what I say to myself and my bosses and my family every morning. Barack Obama will stay on Arizona's ballot because the official has decided that Obama's birth certificate—the one that alleges he was born in Hawaii—is 2 legit 2 quit. Hey hey.

Willard Romney tried to pose
for a photograph with real African American students, having his security team ferry him into an actual ethnic neighborhood in Philadelphia for the stunt. He's trying to make a token effort for the black vote. He was heckled.

Meanwhile, poor white voters somehow think Romney would do a better job than the president serving their needs? Cute.

The goof-up of Facebook's IPO—which favored insiders and big brokerages with special information— continues to play havoc with the thousands of small-time investors who maybe ought to have known better.

Egyptian voters have chosen the most polarizing presidential runoff possible, pitting their deposed strongman's last prime minister against someone from the Muslim Brotherhood. This is akin to a mayoral runoff featuring Mike Reese and Tre Arrow.

Great success! The privately funded SpaceX cargo capsule did what it was supposed to do, making history by docking with the International Space Station.

Braving an emergency law banning mass protests, and refusing to be unbowed by thousands of arrests, Montreal students fighting tuition fee hikes have continued to take the streets and recruit families and pensioners to their side—and in a widespread action yesterday, police actually stood down.

Occupiers and labor activists protested dramatic and dubious federal Postal Service cuts at the University Station Post Office downtown yesterday—with 12 volunteering for arrest after refusing to leave when the building was supposed to close.