Tonight's the night, ladies and gentlemen. At 7:30 pm at the Hollywood Theatre, Hecklevision: Point Break will change your life. PICTURE IT: You, silently texting from your seat; your text commentary, popping up onscreen; above, larger than life and twice as beautiful, Johnny Utah and Bodhi acting out their timeless, exhilarating saga of surfing, bank robbing, football, skydiving, and meatball sandwiches. Also, there will be beer. What a night it shall be.

Just as she did in Blue Steel, the director Kathryn Bigelow observes the peculiar complicity that develops between a law officer and a seductive criminal. And once again Ms. Bigelow moves so fast and so far with this idea that her film (with a screenplay by W. Peter Iliff) eventually spins out of control. But Point Break, though it's anything but watertight where plotting is concerned, again reveals Ms. Bigelow's real talents as a director of fast-paced, high-adrenaline action. Whenever the flakiness of Point Break threatens to become lulling, Ms. Bigelow wakes up her audience with a formidable jolt. —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

Bigelow and her crew are also gifted filmmakers. There's a footchase through the streets, yards, alleys and living rooms of Santa Monica; two skydiving sequences with virtuoso photography, powerful chemistry between the good and evil characters, and an ominous, brooding score by Mark Isham that underlines the mood. The plot of Point Blank, summarized, invites parody (rookie agent goes undercover as surfer to catch bank robbers). The result is surprisingly effective. —Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun-Times

Hi! I'm giving away two tickets to one of my favorite movies ever Point Break and you can even text through it and your texts will show up on the movie screen! Wheeeeeee! —Erik Henriksen, The Portland Mercury

The rumors are true—I have a final pair of tickets to give away to tonight's once-in-a-lifetime experience. To win 'em, email me no later than 1 pm today (Friday, May 25). Make sure the subject line of your email is "bodhisattva." At 1, I'll pick a winner and email 'em back to let them know they've won. The rest of you, if you haven't already, get your tickets here. See you tonight.