It's Memorial Day weekend, y'all! Which means it's important to remind yourself to remember not to forget to memorize (or remember) that the I, Anonymous Blog is open all weekend long for your rants and/or confessions. For example... oh, I don't know... like this one:

But where are the real arts? Twice now I've been to the Portland Opera and saw amateurish costumes and sets. Costumes that looked like reject bridesmaid dresses and suits made over from the material. It was pathetic. Our high school production of Oklahoma was better. (The whole point of stage costume is they're cheap but look good from the seats. This is like ancient theater knowledge, like The Scottish Play.) And that Titian exhibit? ONE FUCKING PAINTING? Are you serious PAM?

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! See, that's why I love the I, Anonymous Blog. It's like a giant glass bottle filled with assholes that you can point and laugh at. Ummm... or rather look up to and respect! So don't be afraid! Submit your own confession or rant, which I'm sure will not be publicly ridiculed... at all. I mean, really. Why would it be?