Greek sex industry screwed by debt. Yup! As it turns out, living in a debt-ridden country on the brink of total economic collapse is a real disincentive for buying sex toys and pornography. I can understand the toys, but who buys porn? What are they still on dial up in Greece?

If (when?) Greece takes the Euro down with it, which country will be next? Why Spain, of course.

ALEC’s in Oregon. According to The Oregonian, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the ultra-secretive-right-wing-law-writing "charity", claims one-quarter of the Oregon legislature as members.

In other local news…

Reynolds teachers end their strike. The Reynolds teachers' union left the picket line yesterday morning following a tentative contract agreement with the school district. I guess the scabs substitute teachers weren't needed after all.

Blight hurts Afghan poppy crop, but not that much. That's right, after the US spent over $6 billion and several years devoted to eradicating the opiate-producing plant, the poppy is still the big cash crop in Afghanistan. Let’s hear it for nonfungible goods!

In other news from the region…

A NATO air strike has killed a family of eight. More on that.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has denied it’s poisoning students at an Afghan girls' school.

Elsewhere in the world, the UN Security Council is expected to discuss the recent Houla massacre in Syria.

The Syrian government, meanwhile, has blamed rebels for the mass murder of men, women, and children.

And Lady Gaga has canceled her Indonesia concert. You know, the normal stuff: hypocritical fundamentalists threatening violence against booty-shaking pop star because their god hates sex except when used to produce more of their lot.

And a story with a happy ending: