Huge thanks to the four billion people who showed up for Hecklevision: Point Break on Friday night—not only did we sell out the Hollywood and have to turn 100+ people away, but the screening itself was just as excellent and funny as I'd hoped it'd be. Sharing the beauty of Point Break with so many others was an experience I shall cherish until the end of my days.

Also! Just as he said he would, my new favorite Blogtown commenter cat & beard made me a PHENOMENAL Point Break t-shirt—and he made an extra, too, and he said it'd be okay if we gave it away on Blogtown! Mine's gray with black lettering, ladies, but the one up for grabs today is a stunning little black number with tasteful—yet eye-catching—gold lettering. Here, allow Mercury male model Bobby Roberts to show it off for you:

  • Bobby Roberts Not included

Would you like to wear this amazing shirt? Of course you would, provided your t-shirt size is a men's small! Printed on a luxurious Hanes ComfortSoft tee made of nothing less than 100 percent pure cotton, this shirt is guaranteed to get you laid—possibly by Bobby Roberts! Take my word for it.

Anyway: If you want to win this one two-of-a-kind shirt (we could be twinsies!), email me no later than 2 pm today (Tuesday, May 29) and make sure the subject line of your email is "SRSLY." If you like, you can include a sentence or two about where you plan to wear this shirt and how you intend to behave while wearing it; based on the quality of said sentences, this may either help or hurt your chances. Have at.