Because you have yet to claw your eyes out today and scream, "NO! NO! NO! WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYY????" NBC is announcing yet another goddamn singing reality contest show. (HEAVY SIGH.) This one's called The Winner Is... which is from the same a-holes who torture us with The Voice, and features singers, a $1 million prize, idiot judges... you know the drill. The primary difference seems to be that the contestants can negotiate with each other beforehand, and back out of the competition in order to get a cut of the prize. How about we pay them to not torture us in the first place??

Anyhoo, with the glut of idiot reality shows on TV these days, it makes sense that pretty soon there's gonna be a reality show about choosing the judges for reality shows. And right on cue, here's a funny vid from Funny or Die? about that very topic called U B Da Judge in which D-list celebs (including Warren G, Rebecca Black, Perry Farrell, Debbie Gibson and more) battle to become the next big reality show judge to annoy the crap out of our butts.