I'm normally a fan of the regular old New Yorker, but this issue—the June 4 & 11 one—seems like it was created specifically for me. (Thanks, New Yorker editors! It's about goddamn time!) "The Science Fiction Issue" contains work from Sam Lipsyte, Anthony Burgess, Jonathan Lethem, Colson Whitehead, Junot Díaz, Ray Bradbury—

(deep breath)

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—Ursula K. Le Guin, China Miéville, Margaret Atwood, and William Gibson. And then Anthony Lane talks about Moonrise Kingdom! And there's a piece by Emily Nussbaum about Doctor Who and Community! AND THEN Daniel Clowes did the cover!

RIDICULOUS. Consider yourselves alerted, lit nerds and sci-fi nerds and Community nerds and Wes Anderson nerds and most other species of nerd. The issue's already available online for subscribers, and it's on the Kindle, too; for some ill-conceived reason, your grandparents will have to wait until the end of the week to pick up a hard copy. Which I will probably do as well, both to say "hey" to your grandmother and also to have a copy to keep and hold and fawn over forever.

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