I love talking in secret code to my friends about last Sunday's game-changing episode of Mad Men... because my other friends who haven't watched it yet and are listening in on the convo just can't wait to yell "SPOILER ALERT!! GAHHH!!" So that being said, check out this GQ interview with Christina Hendricks about her character Joan's decision to... ahhh... YOU KNOW.

GQ: So tell me your reaction to first learning about that storyline. I'd imagine it's the kind of thing that could make a person nervous.

Christina Hendricks: [Laughs] Honestly, Matt [Weiner] had told me about that storyline, I think it was either last season or the season before. He'd had it in his mind, and was planning on using it before, but the development of the characters just didn't get to that point. So I'd had some knowledge of it for quite some time. Yeah, it makes you nervous! 'Cause you think, well, how are people going to respond to Joan doing this? But I think Matt's writing and the way it was done shows what people will do out of necessity and for survival. I thought it was beautifully written.

If you really want things to get spoiled, check out the rest of this illuminating interview here.