This is odd: CNN is running a series called "city smackdown," where two allegedly rival cities are pitted against each other through opinion pieces and the readers decided which one takes the cake. So, of course, Seattle and Portland step into the ring. On Tuesday, CNN released its pro-Seattle piece, written by a Seattle local. Besides poking fun at our puny Mt. Hood (compared to Mt. Rainer), the article shares a lot of positives that can easily be found in Portland. Farmer's markets, coffee, music— the usual. Meh.

I'm curious what CNN is trying to get out of this, aside from a heightened rivalry (that, after living in Portland for nearly a year, I still haven't felt) between the cities. Just a sneaky way to write another run-of-the-mill "quirky Northwest" travel piece? Got me.

Catch the Portland edition on Thursday, if you want to read what you already know (let me guess: Voodoo, craft beers, and bikes). And if you're all about it, go here to stand up for Stumptown.