I have, like... maybe Super Bowl-type feelings about the National Spelling Bee? Or, what is a sporting event where you both identify with and pity the participants? Is there one of those? Whatever, it's so freaking great.

ESPN begins airing their coverage of the semi-finals tomorrow morning at 10 am; the finals are tomorrow night at 8. Does anyone know of any bars that'll be showing it, for those of us who only have poor-person TV? I would drink a mimosa and watch children spell things at 10 am, yes I would.

And! If an adorable parade of bespectacled nerdlings spelling words they don't understand makes you want to remove your clothing in front of an audience (I really should spend a bit more time on this transition), there's always Portland's only "strip spelling bee," the Nearly Naked Bee, on Tuesday at the Someday Lounge. Yep, that's a thing! You know where you live.