Show Us Your Unicorn Certificate: In response to the birther talk, a liberal groups starts a campaign to prove that Mitt Romney is not a unicorn. He does have an awful lot of hair.

Tragic News of the Day: A Seattle man shoots six strangers and acquaintances, killing five, before shooting himself yesterday.

Al-Qaeda Returns: Al-Qaeda fighters attack Yemeni troops guarding a Yemeni town that was previously raided by fighters earlier in the year.

Fight for the Right: An Illinois gay couple of 48 years sues the state for not allowing them to formally be betrothed. The ACLU's on board.

Southern Hospitality: A mosque planned for Tennessee hits political walls after following perfect church-building protocol, leaving its members frustrated and fed up.

...And So it Begins: So—good news!— that Miami zombie attack isn't the only of its kind. New York police responded to a man threatening to harm himself. But when they approached the man, he threw chunks of his skin and intestines at the police force.

Touche: Following a failed boycott campaign aimed at JC Penney (for running an ad with a same-sex couple), the company runs a Father's Day ad featuring a gay couple. Awesome.

A Good Run: A six-year-old girl, the youngest contestant in the National Spelling Bee, is out after misspelling 'ingluvies.'

Stylish Couple of the Year: These guys.