Wouldn't it be cool to see Portland... IN THE FUTURE?! Well! Now there is a movie that features Portland... IN THE FUTURE.

The acting and story of the locally produced sci-fi action flick Ambrosia are, shall we say, somewhat lacking. By which I mean they're pretty terrible. However! Ambrosia's impressive for a couple of other reasons, chief among them its snazzy production values and the fact it's set in a near-future Portland where Tron bikes zip along next to Subarus. Also: futuristic aircraft! Futuristic drugs! Futuristic gunfights! (Also! The MAX! And the streetcar! These things are slightly less futuristic!) Ambrosia's story—which revolves around a drug that's "like a street crack that makes botox look like aspirin"—strings together a couple of bloody action sequences, including a shootout in the Aura nightclub.

Ambrosia's 40 minutes long and screens tonight, for free, at eight different times at the Living Room Theaters, with the filmmakers and cast in attendance. I can't recommend it wholeheartedly—it's too long, and the filmmakers are more interested in CG blood spurts and glowy sci-fi tech than their actors or plot—but if you want to see a future version of Portland (or just want to see Aura get shot up), there are certainly worse ways to spend an hour of your night. More info here.