Deer or the Doe

This week's music section contains plenty of good stuff, but first, a correction and apology: The excellent piece we ran this week on Michael the Blind has an incorrect author credit in our print edition. The article was written by our Morgan Troper, who did great work and deserves full credit. Due to a production error that sneaked through editorial oversight (in our defense, we were all really drunk), we accidentally said Mark Lore was the author. He wasn't. (Mark did, however, write the fine Crystal Fighters piece that appeared on the same page.) Our apologies to Morgan, Michael the Blind, and to you, dear reader.

Speaking of errors, people often get Deer or the Doe's name wrong. Learn it now, because you'll be hearing it again and again—the Portland band's new album is pure terrific-ness.

Deer or the Doe - "Descriptions"

Through loop pedals and an arsenal of instruments, Emily Wells creates a one-woman symphony of sound. She's pretty incredible. But the real question is, does she live in Portland? She's not saying.

Emily Wells - "Passenger"

Morgan Troper talks to Michael the Blind about his excellent new record. Will it be the Portland songwriter's breakthrough? It damn well deserves to be.

Michael the Blind - "Sympathies"

The dizzying dance beats of Crystal Fighters owe their origins to both the band's Basque and British roots. Did you know that many genetic historians are starting to believe that the British are descended from Basque peoples, as opposed to the commonly held notion that the Brits are descended from Celts? You came here for the music, but you just got a dose of cultural anthropology.

Crystal Fighters - "Earth Island"

Plus a bright bouquet of Up & Coming shows.