Hey, Kids in the Hall fans! Kevin McDonald is in town! He's the one in the front of the boat. This weekend, McDonald's teaching a 2-day improv and sketch-writing workshop, then getting onstage with some of our local improvisers, The Unscriptables. They'll be joined by a few local standups, including the hilarious Bri Pruett and Portland's favorite comedian in the history of ever, Ron Funches.

McDonald's funny, and has been working steadily for decades. He's got a relatively low profile, so when you see him in stuff it probably goes something like, "Oh, hey, that guy! I like him!"

Afterwards, McDonald will talk with the audience and answer questions. Some of those questions might include: "So ... what were you in, again?" and "Why are so many of the U.S.'s funny people Canadian?"

We've been pretty fortunate here in Portland lately, getting a lot of great comic talent passing through. Even better, they're not just doing a show and taking off. A lot of them actually stick around to teach, talk, and work with our local talent. These are some pretty great opportunities, for performers and audience members alike.

The Saturday show will have some improv, some stand-up and some who-knows-what. Based on who's involved, it'll probably be a pretty good show. So if you're not seeing Lizz Winstead at the Alberta Rose or camping out at Helium to play the odds on Portland's Funniest Person, or taking a chance on the weird but probably interesting character comedy at Action-Adventure Theater, then get to Funhouse Lounge on Saturday night.