The Cribs—the band of the brothers Jarman—have a new video, and it's a deliberate throwback to the cheerfully lo-fi videos of the early '90s "alternative" rock era. (The video's directors, Andy Knowles and Stephen Agnew, cite the work of directors David Marky and Kevin Kerslake specifically.) This enjoyable clip for "Glitters Like Gold" also features a special "pop up" feature with sorta interesting/sorta dumb factoids about the band (like that old VH1 show), making this a complete exercise in '90s nostalgia. Bassist Gary Jarman lives here in Portland, although his brothers still call the UK home; the Cribs played a show at Holocene a few weeks back in advance of the release of their current record, In the Belly of the Brazen Beast and they've got some West Coast dates on the horizon, but currently not a Portland one.