Killer in custody. George Zimmerman, the man that shot Trayvon Martin, is in police custody.

Rehashing an old controversy, The Oregonian is reporting former Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield received bribes from a Greek arms dealer. Through a Freedom on Information Act request, the paper has revealed that the arms dealer, Basil Tsakos, was secretly indicted for bribery. The paper also reports Hatfield was in financial trouble at the time he and his wife received the bribes.

Speaking of Greeks…

Because of that whole Greek-debt-crisis thing, European politicians—okay, it’s mostly Matron Money Bags, the purse-string-pulling German Chancellor Angela Merkel—are talking about giving the Eurozone some real administrative teeth. Did I hear labor reforms? Yikes!

Speaking of feuds…

The long-time host of Family Feud, Richard Dawson, has died at age 79.

It aint me, babe! Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is still blaming others for the Houla massacre.

Remember when terrorists were mostly crazy domestic cults and rightwing fanatics? Oh yes, the 90s, a decade stinking of mass suicides and conspiracy theories. Well, Japanese authorities think they have found one of the last Aum Shinrikyo terrorists responsible for the 1995 attacks on the Tokyo subway.

Oh yeah, the Starlight Parade happened yesterday. Oh, and there were zombies, which reminds me. Out of curiosity, is anyone else sick of the whole zombie trend to the point that you have contemplated eating bath salts and biting someone’s face off? That’s right bath salts, not LSD. Seriously, who does that shit on acid?

It appears the British are still enamored with their favorite dole bludger, Queen Elizabeth the sequel. I guess some welfare moms get parades, or whatever you call it when it’s on the water.

Iraqi crude oil is back on the market. And just in time for that embargo on Iran.

And the Chinese government marked the 23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre the only way it knows how, by beating up protestors.

In case you forgot what the original massacre looked like, here you go: