Burger Guild, north-facing fortification.

I had gone to get another two-dayer Italian sub at Shut Up and Eat in the A La Carts Food Pavilion but, with them closed for a week and my patience for a lunch solution not that strong, I walked two door-flaps down to Burger Guild, a Spinal Tap-esque cart with a menu short on nonsense and high on quality. Thick Cascade Natural Beef patties are served in five styles on fresh Fleur de Lys buns, along with a Carlton Farms pork chop sandwich and an eye-catching schnitzel-like “Midwest Pork Tenderloin” creation that looks like someone put a deep-fried baseball bat on a roll.

Thee Jalopeno [sycc] and Cheddar Burger.

The juicy Jalopeno [sic — Chaucerian spelling?] & Cheddar burger with fried onion rings and Chipotle BBQ sauce was, for $7.50, clearly a fair value. I liked that the jalapeños were fresh, crunchy slices and bright green, not pickled and soft; this particular specimen of the fruit wasn’t terribly spicy, so its charred-beef friendly flavor was novel. The thick-domed, grilled white bun held up throughout several greasy attempts at a photo and a protracted degustation.

Ever intrepid, I subbed in the onion rings ($4 alone, but only a buck or two more as a substitution for the bag of chips which comes standard). Thin, crisp, seasoned breading held tight to the quarter-inch rings, and, always impressed when a tiny cart kitchen can deep-fry things so well, I was tipped into happiness such that I decided to give this place the bump they deserve. Goode shew, fayre Burger Gryllers.