Clooney vs. Trump: Obama's friendliness with A-list celebrities, heightened with campaign-season events, is ticking the GOP off. Or is that jealousy?

Empowered: Yesterday, Argentina became the first country to allow transsexuals to change their ID gender without doctor consent.

Humane Head Honchos: Kroger—a top grocery store supplier— joins top fast food and grocery chains in demanding a speedier elimination of gestation crates (the cramped breeding cages) at farms where they purchase pork.

Venus in Transit: Today's the last time you can catch Venus pass between the sun and the Earth (at 2 pm PST) until 2117. That's a long wait/you may be dead.

Scram: A week after Western governments expelled Syria's top diplomats, Syria declares all Western ambassadors unwelcome.

Out With the Trash: Disney says it will ban all junk food ads on TV, radio and online. It's been real, Cap'n Crunch.

Sandusky Soon to Replace Edwards in Hot-Topic Trial: The jury selection for the upcoming trial of former Penn State assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, kicks off today. Here's a recap of the scandal if you forgot.

For Shame!: IKEA forced to hire local linguists in Thailand to correctly translate its Swedish labels that happen to translate into dirty Thai words.

Fancy o' Clock: Want to watch the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration ALL THE TIME? KGW's live streamin' it just for you.

Kid Crimes: The Portland police are on the hunt for a 10-year-old boy and his 20-something accomplice who have been robbing local buisnesses. Sergeant Pete Simpson is confused.

Leave it to Romania: Romanians break a world record by releasing 12,740 paper lanterns into the sky Saturday evening: