Ah, the excess that is Portland's self-adoration... As if there's any danger that we might for one second forget how much great beer is produced in our lovely city, the second annual PDX Beer Week is here to give us one more excuse to drink local. Kicking off with a party tomorrow June 7 at Spirit of '77 (500 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard) where this year's official beer, the India Red Lager, will be tapped. Remember that, it'll no doubt be referred to as an IRL in a week and bartenders will look at you like you're an idiot if you ask for translation.

The rest of the week consists of events celebrating beer all over town... Check out the official schedule here and ask Eater about the pairing dinners at Interurbanand elsewhere, but these are the two events I'm most excited for:

Rye Beer Fest - Also at the Spirit of '77, this event is on June 8 from 4 to 10, benefits We Love Clean Rivers, Inc. and promises rye beer, whiskey, and cocktails. Free entry, decent prices, and one of my favorite breeds of beer... How I do love drinking for a good cause.

Portland Beer and Cheese Fest: Hosted by Steve Jones of Cheese Bar, Portland's resident cheese expert and winner of the "best cheesemonger in the world" title (no joke), this wonderful idea will be happening on June 17th (from 1-6) at the Commons (1810 SE 10th, Unit E). Advance tickets are required and cost a whole $25 for 10 beer and cheese pairings... not a bad deal at all, if you ask me.

More beer? Why not?
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  • More beer? Why not?