Pixar's got Brave coming out soon, but after that? Wreck-It Ralph, which has a trailer that's just a tiny bit like The Truman Show's—thanks, in part, to some well-deployed Talking Heads. Not a bad touchstone, there, and then PAC-MAN GHOST and Q*BERT and BOWSER and etc. It's like a goddamn Roger Rabbit for videogames, which—considering Pixar will likely back it up with great original characters and a solid story—I am 100 percent okay with.

(UPDATE: Because I'm an idiot, because it's Disney, and because I thought this looked good, I assumed Pixar was involved. They are not. Which, yes, somewhat dims my expectations. Because Disney is not, shall we say, reliable, or at least they certainly aren't in the way that Pixar is. Still—it still looks good! WE SHALL SEE.)