Mapping Mines: Google Earth isn't just for finding crop circles anymore. The mapping system has paired up with a humanitarian organization to track the removal of land mines.

Syrian Killings: 78 are killed in a small Syrian village after what the government calls an "armed terrorist group" passes through. However, many say that the government itself was behind the massacre.

Sad Passwords: A Russian hacker site unveils millions of LinkedIn passwords. Turns out the job hunting website doesn't have the most cheery members.

Climate Changin': Mexican President Felipe Calderon signs a law that sets targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing renewable energy use, making it one of the first developing countries with serious climate change legislation.

Mysterious Death: Workers find a Chinese dissident, jailed after the 1989 Tienanmen Square protest, hanged in a hospital. The man's family doubts that it's suicide.

Trump's Pissed: Miss Pennsylvania drops out of the Miss America pageant, believing it's rigged. Donald Trump, pageant head (along with other things), plans to sue.

That's No Whale: A huge Japanese fishing dock, sent to sea after last year's tsunami, washes up on the Oregon coast.

Now for Some Lazy Walruses: