This morning, a man drew and pointed a handgun at a Portland State University officer near 12 the and SW Market, before fleeing. Now, Portland Police officers and the city's Special Emergency Reaction Team have joined the campus police in surrounding a parking garage where the suspect ran off to. PSU, Lincoln High School and St. Mary's High School are all in lockdown until the suspect is in custody. Check back soon for an update.

Update 1:45 PM: This is news editor Denis Theriault here. Alex is on scene and says the police are still waiting the man with the gun out. She also says, if you have to get through the area around PSU in the near future, that streets are blocked from SW 10th to 12th and Clay to Mill. Streetcar service also has been interrupted.

However! Grace Bible Church is handing out cookies and coffee to the TV reporters and the grumbling people who can't get to their cars and go home/to work/to class/to exams (it's finals week, after all). "Aw," Alex says.

The Oregonian, meanwhile, is reporting that it's just cops and the man in the garage now, with everyone else having been cleared out. But more importantly:

Police know the identity of the suspect, and have contacting family members in hopes of gathering more information about him. That have not, however, released his name. They have also detained the man who was with the suspect when he allegedly pointed the gun at the PSU security employee and King said he has provided some information to police.

The suspect is said to have a warrant for failure to appear in court and failure to register as a sex offender out of Washington County.

Update 1:55 PM: So... maybe he's not in the garage after all. Alex reports that police are retreating after a search of the parking garage found... nobody. They're also opening up streets and the garage to traffic, apparently confident there's no longer any threat to the neighborhood. Cops say they'll issue a statement with more details about the search, and the man, this afternoon.

"We searched the garage extensively, and it's clear," says police spokesman Lieutenant Robert King. "The area is safe. We will continue to search for the suspect."