Huzzah! The Helio Sequence have a new record coming out!

It's the Portland group's first since Keep Your Eyes Ahead came out in January 2008, which means that if you were a senior in high school when that record came out, you have since graduated college and are currently looking forward to a long and uncertain future of unemployment. Enjoy that job market, grads!

Not that the Helio Sequence can be faulted for such a lengthy gap between records: Meticulous studio artists to begin with, their Portland studio was submerged under a foot of water back in 2009 while the band was away on tour. They used the opportunity to record elsewhere, and the result is their fifth album Negotiations. You can hear a soaring snippet of the new record in the teaser video above; Negotiations comes out on Sub Pop on September 11.

The Helio Sequence will perform at MusicfestNW (September 5-9), so you'll be able to hear some of the new tunes live on the eve of the album's release.