The inaugural episode of Anya Marina's new podcast, PDXOXO with Anya Marina, is up! It's the first in what Marina is planning as a series of in-depth interviews with musicians, comedians, artisty types, and other people of note, both from here in Portland and elsewhere. She hosted a live edition of the show at the Doug Fir back in May (and more of those live editions of PDXOXO are in the works), but now the first podcast is up and ready for listening ears.

For episode one, Marina invited Austin songwriter Bob Schneider into her house top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art recording studio here in Portland for an hour of conversation about life, love, music, sex, and why Schneider likes to draw dicks on everything. (Actually, I'm not sure if we get to the bottom of that one.) It sees Marina, who's now a full-time singer/songwriter, going back to her roots as a radio DJ and putting on her interview cap—check it out over on Anya's site, or listen to it below:

PDXOXO with Anya Marina, epi. 1 Bob Schneider (6.10.12) by AnyaMarina