Shes playing a theremin, not a tambourine.
  • Erin Holcomb
  • She's playing a theremin, not a tambourine.

Portland ghoul-garage band Blood Beach have a couple very cool things planned for their European tour in September. The first is a new 7-inch single, exclusive for the tour—more on that in a second. The other cool thing is a cassette compilation (exclusive as well), curated by the band and featuring their fave fellow Portlanders. It's gonna be called Keep Portland Normal and includes tracks by Big Black Cloud, Psychic Feline, Dragging an Ox through Water, Formica Man, Jason Urick, Nucular Aminals, Plankton Wat, Swahili, Grape God, Polyps, Tunnels, and more. They're planning to give the tape away for FREE at all of their European shows, as a way of spreading Portland music around the globe like the lovely pestilence that it is.

Okay, so that's rad; more about this 7-inch, though. It'll include two new Blood Beach tunes, "Dead Maester's Tongue" b/w "Factory Dream" (take a listen to the A-side below, which is also on this year's PDX Pop Now compilation), and you'll only be able to get it on the European tour. Unless, that is, you donate to the band's Kickstarter, which is funding the manufacturing of both the single and the cassette, as well as hopefully defraying some of the costs of heading to Europe.

There's more info on Blood Beach's Kickstarter page, as well as a creepy (but informative!) video. So yeah—the only way we Americans can get our hands on these items is by helping the good folks of Blood Beach spread their sick shit all over the old countries. There are some other cool deluxe incentives as well. Blood Beach play at the Know tonight as part of the record release show for Eternal Tapestry. Eurotour dates after the jump.

BLOOD BEACH EUROTOUR (confirmed to date)

9/07 Berlin, DE @ Marie Antoinette
9/08 Bremen, DE @ Die Friese
9/10 Leipzig, DE @ Zoro
9/11 Tillburg, NL @ Incubate Festival
9/12 Rennes, FR @ Mondo Bizarro
9/13 Bordeaux, FR @ St Ex
9/14 Vitoria, ES @ Ibu Hots
9/15 Madrid, ES @ El Perro de la Parte De Atras Del Coche
9/16 St Feliu, ES @ TZVR
9/21 Lier, BE @ De Moeve