Jones just opened in the old McFaddens space in Old Town, in dangerous proximity to the Mercury offices, as a matter of fact. It's an "all retro '80s and '90s danceclub" and the website is decorated with pictures like this one:


It is slightly disconcerting to realize that the word "retro" does not have a fixed definition determined by my own adolescence, and I'm still not totally comfortable with girls in their 20s (I AM IN MY 20s! however barely) dressing like my real estate agent mother did in 1994. Hower, Jones has a few things in its favor: It's not McFaddens; it's owned by the forces behind the Boiler Room, which is arguably as not-terrible as it is possible for a karaoke bar located in Old Town to be (and as a recent anniversary of their weekly open mic demonstrated, it's done a ton for the local comedy scene); and Brian Wood of Big Ass Sandwiches is running the breakfast-based kitchen. (Wood's also a local comedy fan who's been known to name sandwiches after comedians, which makes me wonder if we'll ever see any comedy in the new space—it seems pretty dance oriented at this point.)

Hours are currently posted as 8 pm-5 am, with expanded daytime hours on the horizon. There are plenty of photos on their Facebook page, including "the biggest Lite Brite Wall on the West Coast".

Here, let this rattle around in your brain for a while. It's stuck pretty good in mine.