Formerly known as the Tigard-Joy Cinema, the under-new-management Joy Cinema & Pub (11959 SW Pacific Highway) is slated to open on June 22. Owner Jeff "Punk Rock" Martin sent out a press release earlier this week, bemoaning the fact that Tigard "has had no bargain-priced second-run theater for quite some time" and kindly offering to correct said problem with a theater that'll offer mainstream movies, popcorn, beer, and pizza, as well as beer-free, family-friendly screenings during the day. Here's my favorite part of Martin's press release:

While owner Jeff "Punk Rock" Martin would be happy to screen a 'round-the-clock double feature of The Omega Man and Rock and Roll High School on an indefinite basis, he recognizes that doing so may hinder other basic endeavors. (Buying food for his family, for example.) But fear not, for along with all the Hollywood blockbusters, the Joy Cinema will find room for monster movies, biker flicks, critics’ faves, and grindhouse fare that’s certain to lure fans out of their mothers’ basements for an evening of entertainment and actual social interaction. And, to ensure that all audiences get their money’s worth, the masterminds at the Joy plan to screen at least one preview for at least one gloriously crappy old movie before each and every show. Been meaning to finally catch Beyond the Poseidon Adventure? Why not come to the Joy and just see the trailer instead? A time-saving alternative to sitting through the whole thing!

Martin says that, "barring an act of Satan," the Joy Cinema & Pub's June 22nd opening will start at 7 with a to-be-determined mainstream film, and then—"unless our print just doesn't show up"—a late screening of Russ Meyer's buxom-tastic* Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! From there on out, the Joy Cinema & Pub will be open every day, and admission will be $4 for all shows. Now you know, Tigard.

*I think I just made that word up! You're welcome, English!