I realize the heading might be a little misleading... but that's how you get page hits, folks.

Nothing says "steamy" like the red-hot, sweat-inducing music of bummed-out folkers Dolorean. Now things get even steamier: Here's Dolorean's Al James performing a couple solo tunes at Southeast spa Löyly for the Portland Sessions. The bad news: We don't get to see Al in the sauna or steam room, and he keeps his clothes on. The good news: He performs a pair of great-sounding tunes in Löyly's beautiful, atmospheric surroundings, and this footage looks and sounds terrific, with a few chirping birds thrown in for good measure.

The Portland Sessions will have a third tune from this session up soon. Dolorean's concert calendar is pretty quiet for the time being, but they will play an afternoon set, along with Houndstooth, on the Doug Fir patio on Sunday, August 5. If you're not at Pickathon, that's where you need to be.