It's the DREAM Act, but by executive order. President Barack Obama says his government will stop deporting college-age undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children. Instead, the feds will hand out work permits—a shift that could affect some 800,000 immigrants who have long been living, breathing, studying, thinking as Americans.

But first the president made a lot of money having dinner at the home of the actress who used to be in Square Pegs.

New Orleans now has a $14.5 billion forcefield of walls and levees and pumping stations that provides, at best, the illusion of invincibility.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood,
feeling thwarted by the old-guard's order to dissolve the country's newly elected parliament, is calling for an explosion of protests "that might be more dangerous than the last days of [deposed dictator Hosni] Mubarak’s rule.”

The Pentagon
is finally allowed to celebrate gay pride month.

China, on its way
to becoming the third nation ever to operate its own space station, is sending up its first female astronaut. It's a milestone, and yet the government—by calling it a "coordination between the male and female"—makes it sound dirty. Or is that me?

The guy who claimed he was a "forest boy," living wildly in the German woods with his father for the past five years, is really just a 20-year-old Dutch runaway.

Chris Brown vs. Drake: Who ya got?

A few more inches to the right, and a giant asteroid would have had us all queuing up an Oscar-nominated Aerosmith song.

"She revealed that her nickname at Fox News is 'BA', short for Bad Ass, 'but in a good way.'"

A South Korean woman ate calamari, and her mouth got pregnant with a whole mess of squid fetuses.