Hey, guess what starts at the Academy tonight? Tombstone, motherfuckers!

Tombstone is a Western directed by the dude who did Rambo: First Blood Part II and Cobra, and it has an astounding cast. Seriously: LOOK AT WHO IS IN THIS. I'm going to put them in a bulleted list because the people in Tombstone like to shoot guns! I'm also going to rank how awesome these actors are by the number of bullet holes next to their names.

•••••••••• Sam Elliott
••••••••• Kurt Russell
••••• Val Kilmer
••••• Bill Paxton
•••• Powers Boothe
•••• Michael Biehn
•••• Charlton Heston
••• Michael Rooker
••• Harry Carey, Jr.
••• Billy Bob Thornton
••• Stephen Lang
•• The Bald Guy from Lost
•• Thomas Haden Church
•• Dana Delany
• Jason Priestley
• Billy Zane
o Sylvester Frank Stallone

Also: Fourteen-year-old me had the Tombstone poster hanging in his bedroom, Kevin Costner haaaaates everything about Tombstone, and Tombstone is the only known film which was made using Kurt Russell's "secret sign language"! Facts.

And if you love Westerns as much as I do, this weekend gets even better—because over at the Laurelhurst, they have Clint Eastwood's Hang 'Em High.

So there you go. Or! If you do not like dudes in cowboy hats being amazing, there are some other movies opening too: Rock of Ages, Hysteria, some fine Czech cinema, and more. Movie Times are here.