Whew. Tonight I rode the naked bike ride in style, hitching a ride on a pedicab. There's no way to capture all the insanity that passed me by, I'd snap a photo in one direction and miss the naked couple walking their dogs in the other. Or the zebra tandem bike cruising by. Or the ladies standing up naked in a pedicab, arms spread, shouting, "I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio!"

But here are some of my favorite shots from the night. Like the past two years, police and ride organizers cooperated to stop traffic for the ride, which took thousands of people in varying states of nudity around downtown and Southeast Portland.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

UPDATE! I shared my pedicab with Jackson Loo of iPad newspaper The Daily. He put together this awesome video of the ride, which captures much of the event's energy in under three minutes (and remains relatively safe for work):

If you were in the ride, how'd it go? I heard of a couple crashes, but nothing major so far beyond what you'd expect with thousands of people. If you were watching: Any favorite moments of craziness?