• NWDP

It's only a couple hours away, and tickets are sold out, but it still seems worth mentioning: tonight is the last chance to catch Northwest Dance Project's Summer Splendors. It's also the last chance to see NWDP (besides at their gala benefit) before they head to the Olympics (!). Summer Splendors packs a tight space with a lot of spunk and four premieres.

Young Seattle choreographer Kate Wallich kickstarts the show with Yacht Club, which brims with posturing and rock 'n' roll gestures (see: Mick Jagger swag and mild moshing). The performance moves right along with a gentle, touching tone in This is Embracing, choreographed by Gregory Dolbashian. Sarah Slipper, NWDP's artistic director, presents a playful and clever piece, with a few hints of melancholy, in the male-female duet When I arrive at the other side, I will kiss you. Rounding it out is Atash, by Tracey Durbin. The dancers take the stage in the form of a procession, but it soon unravels, with eight of the company's dancers winding around the stage, proving movement's ability to create an imaginary environment and set, no props necessary. If you managed to snag tickets, you won't be disappointed! It's a bright showcase of talent.

833 N Shaver (at Mississippi Ave), 4 pm.