Mitt Romney visited Pennsylvania chain Wawa and ordered a sandwich, and it BLEW HIS MOTHERFUCKIN' MIND.

If I may digress for a moment: I know the last three weeks have been bad for Democrats. Polls look wonky and mistakes keep happening and the news is all bad. But I do think that one thing is always true about Mitt Romney that we're forgetting right now. Mitt Romney is unlikable. It's impossible to like Mitt Romney, which is why the Romney campaign is trying to make the campaign about hating Barack Obama. He's trying to fly under the radar right now, because when he says things like he says in the above video, he comes across as an aloof jackass. But I don't think the Scott Walker strategy—disappear from the press and let the money do its work—will work in a presidential campaign. If Romney tries to keep away from press access for too long this fall, it will bite him in the ass because the press hates being ignored. And when Romney goes off-script, he becomes this stiff, unlikeably weird starched shirt of a man.