Droning On and On: The UN wants Obama to justify use of drone airplanes to kill rather than capture enemies.

Microsoft Has a Tablet Thing! Desperately clawing for ground lost to Apple, Microsoft unveils the Surface. Everybody grab your Zunes and get down to wait in line for one!

Facebook Wants to Recognize Your Face: The social media network buys up Face, an Israeli startup specializing in facial recognition.

Pakistan Boots its Leader: The country's supreme court tells the Prime Minister to get out of office.

What Do Kids Do If They're Deported? Children who were growing up in the US but then deported are, no surprise, having a rough time of adjusting.

Speaking of Which! One in four kids in the US is now the child of recent immigrants.

Private Prisons: The New York Times has been doing this amazing series on New Jersey's corrupt, privately-run halfway houses. READ IT.

File Sharing is Stealing: Whether you agree with him or not, read David Lowery's epic letter breaking down the economics of downloading music.

That Guy Was Probably a Jerk Anyway: Alec Baldwin punches a paparazzi.

Turtles in Danger! The Galapagos Islands are a destination for diverse species and millions of tourists. Who ya got?!

There is a Dog Frisbee Championship. Screw the Real World, let's bring this to Portland!