Joe the Plumber Is Still a Huge Idiot


Joe the Plumber and Adam Carolla are in a race to become supreme leader of NO1FUCKINGCURR.
6 million Jews that could shoot back do not get killed by an oppressive government. Most every mass murder by a tyrant in the 20th century was preceded by the stripping of arms from the populace. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et. al. killed 100 million of their own citizens after initiating strong gun control laws. I'm not saying he's not an idiot, after all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day..
Agreed with #2 - but something tells me Mr. Constant hates guns in all situations, even when they prevent mass murder or allow for the liberation of people. Otherwise, you can't be a good Democrat pundit.
If you two dipshits think that you could fight off the US government with the guns that you have at home, I have a unicorn I'd like to sell you for a gogagillion dollars. You can ride it into battle!
Ever heard of tanks, fucktards?
This man really fucks with my blood pressure.
And you are who?
Um, Europe still has gun control laws. No recent government-initiated genocides to speak of...
Ever hear of a Molotov cocktail? the Finns were pretty successful beating back the Red army with them.