It's somewhat impossible to accurately count the number of people who take to the streets as bare as they dare every year for the World Naked Bike Ride. And it's somewhat beside the point: Just accept that there are thousands and thousands of people biking naked, sit back, and have a good time without trying to figure out some foolproof nudey-counting algorithms.

But since the police have escorted the ride since 2009, there are some numbers we can keep track of to gauge the size and safety of the ride:

• The ride began at 10:10 pm and took 45 minutes—the tail end of the ride didn't arrive at the end of the 7.5 mile route until 11:45!
• 53 police officers and sergeants were on call to facilitate the ride
• Only two bike crashes were reported to police, though many more certainly went unreported
• Only one crash required a trip to the hospital: A lady crashed near the 12th and Hawthorne food carts and was briefly knocked out.

While it definitely strikes some people as hilarious to have uniformed officers waving along naked riders, the police are involved with any Portland event of this size, says spokesman Robert King, whether it's an Occupy Portland march or the Race for the Cure.